Unused dotfiles repo
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Quad's dotfiles

"qud, u should make a dotfile repo"
"all loonix nerds need a dotfile repo"
"i wish i had pizza"
"ur a fagit for not having a dotfiles repo"

-Probably some people on IRC at some point in time

I don't rice much so there aren't many files but I'm too lazy to re-modify the stuff I nab off dotshare.it every time i wanna use it, so here we go I guess.


If you found this repo I sure hope you know how to use dotfiles.

The Lazy way

  1. Download a file
  2. Put it somewhere
  3. win

The "proper" way

  1. Clone it
  2. Symlink the dotfiles where they belong
  3. update-capable win



don't fuck with my dotfiles without permission, that's rape.