Script that detects and applies Xorg config for an eGPU
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eGPU switch script

Basic script that sets xorg config for an eGPU, if an eGPU is found.


  1. Place both and egpu.conf somewhere on your system. For example in /opt/config
  2. Edit according to the comment in the file. So it knows how to find your eGPU and where to copy the config to and from.
  3. Edit egpu.conf to add your GPU's PCI-E address. See Arch wiki if you are unsure how to find your PCI-E address.
  4. Make run on boot before your display manager and xorg starts.

How to run before your display manager varies from system to system. On systemd you can create a simple service which runs it, containing Before=<your display manager>. On runit, it can be achieved by putting the script in /etc/runit/core-services.